Server Features

Server Rates and Stats Other Key Info
Max Level 99/70 Current Episode Template 13.2++ (Custom Patch- A3)
EXP Rates 3x, up to 6x with EXP manuals or daily EXP buffs. Gameplay Pre-Renewal Mechanics
Drop Rates 5x Security Gepard Shield
MVP Drops 2x pre-Lighthalzen, 1x post Lighthalzen. Player Commands @noks, @lgp, @shopjump, @autotrade, @autoloot, @identifyall, @refresh, @monsterinfo, @iteminfo, @whereis, @searchstore, @whobuy, @whosell,
MVP Cards 1x Server Location Virginia, United States
Mini-Boss Drops 3x
Mini-Boss Cards 1x

Project Alfheim intends to progress content updates every two months with server events inbetween. For a complete list of our planned updates see our roadmap in the discord.


The following below lists our custom changes. For a more detailed list visit the Wiki.

Random Options

All Armors, Garments, and Shoes will roll two random options. Weapons will roll three. To learn more visit our Wiki page.

Tapping Skill

All players are given a new tapping skill as Novice. This applies the tapping EXP bonus in a screen wide AOE. To learn more, visit our Wiki page for the skill.

Custom Inns

All Inns give both Blessing and Increase AGI buffs. Additionally all inns feature essentials for guilds to WOE out of.

Alchemist Mass Brew Skills

Now alchemists can mass brew Alcohol, Blue Potions, and Acid Bottles/Bottle Grenades when Soul Linked. To learn more visit our Wiki page for them.

Silvervine Exchange System

All monsters on AlfheimRO drop Silvervine Fruits. Talk to Premi in the main office to exchange them for items formerly found in the cash shop on official servers. To learn more visit our Wiki page.

Unlock Warps

Visit locations at least once and unlock a permanent warp there from our Kafra cat NPCs in every town. Each warp requires a blue gemstone.

Evolved Pets

Pet Evolution from renewal is enabled in our pre-renewal setting and has been rebalanced accordingly. To learn more visit our Wiki page.

Increased Sitting Regen

When a player is out of combat for 5 seconds they will massively regen HP and SP when sitting down.

Uniform Kafras and Tool Dealers

All Kafras can warp to any Kafra warp directly with the total cost calculated up front. Every town's major tool dealer is changed to sell essential items instead of some being locked to specific locations.

Play to Win

Headgears formerly sold in the cash shop, like Skull Cap and Snake Head, are now obtained just by playing the game. Some drop from monsters and others are made through quests. To learn more visit our Wiki page.

MVP EXP Instances

All MVPs have the option to fight them alone in an instance! Each person can pay a fee and roll their own loot! No more arguing over who gets what! Read more about these on our Wiki page.

Super Novice Death Penalty Removed

Super Novices no longer lose their stat bonus upon death. In exchange for this the buff is received at Job Level 80 instead of 70.