About Us

Welcome to Project Alfheim

Below you'll find an explanation of our server vision and why Project Alfheim even exists, who we're hoping to reach with the project, and more.

Owner's Vision

When I began this project I was in over my head and didn't have a single clue how to manage a server. I only knew that there was not a single server that I felt lived up to my expectations. Every server, even when made well fell short in some way. Sometimes it was an egregious cash shop, sometimes it customization I didn't agree with, sometimes there simply was not enough content to peak my interest. So I had a moment of "I'll do it myself then". And so Project Alfheim was born. Over the past year or so I've learned more than enough to feel confident in releasing the project now and it has gone farther than I ever expected it would when I began. With that said, what is my goal with Project Alfheim? Well, to put it simply I want a server that can appeal to casuals, hardcore, and everyone inbetween. I want to a server that can reach as many people as possible internationally and give the feel of officials. At the same time, I want to make the server fun by engaging with the community as much as I can. A lot of server owners I've noticed treat their servers like its their baby. They care about it more than their players and thats a mistake. This is not my server, this is your server. I'm just here to help you have fun on it. Certainly, I have my vision and I'll stick to it, but I'll always listen to the community and be open to suggestions. This server is not meant to push a profit. Any donations or support received will be poured right back into the server to not only keep it up, but improve upon it. Additionally, I will continue to add content and keep the server up as long as players are actively playing it. That means someday the server can and will bring in renewal content that is adjusted for pre-renewal. I plan to eventually implement all the latest updates from official servers, albeit adjusted to our own. This is a ways away, however, as I intend to progress through a normal pre-renewal setting first and mostly stick to the official progression timeline. I hope to engage you all with events in the meantime to spice up what is likely a game you've played a million times. If nothing else, I hope you have fun even if only for a little awhile. And if the server isn't hitting the mark for you, feel free to make a suggestion in the discord. I am looking forward to playing with you all and sharing the joy of refusing to let this nearly 20 year old game die.